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Building a house today means looking toward the future...and making sure your home is wired for it.

Speak to Bramshaw Power & Data about SMART Home Technology today!

Bramshaw Power & Data can design complete residential "smart homes" systems for new or existing homes that accommodate a homeowner's present and future needs, including security, telephones, computer networking, audio/video distribution, lighting controls, home automation, and much more.

For example, you may have cable TV and not want to be limited to watching cable TV in one room and not want that %^$# cable company to hit you with another black box cost bill!

With our smart home technology we can leave the black box, and the video, and the DVD, in the family room, or even tucked away in an out of sight comms cabinet, and configure your system so that you will be able to watch a video, DVD, free to air or any cable channel, from any room in the house or even catch the Cricket or footy in the great Aussie 'back shed' ... and all with the same remote control! Howzat?

If you are a home owner or a home builder and you are interested in finding out more about SMART Home technology, email us at info@bramshawpower.com.au

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