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Bramshaw Power & Data has an Outstanding Safety Record.


Safety of employees is a priority at Bramshaw Power & Data. Our safety programs are efficient and effective. We are proactive. Our procedures are intended to stop the accident before it happens. Our company-wide safety commitment starts from the top and flows into all levels of the company. Job site safety talks and hazard analysis are provided on all projects.

Bramshaw Power & Data Safety, Health & Environment Policy

Bramshaw Power & Data shall conduct its business in a manner that will reduce the risk of injury or illness to its employees, customers and suppliers, and also reduce its impact on the environment.

It shall endeavour to protect the environment by minimising wastage, disposing of waste responsibly, and selecting suppliers who show due consideration for the environment.

It shall remain abreast with the latest in technology and safe working practices.

The Company shall provide suitable working conditions, the training required and also develop procedures, for its employees to fulfil their duties in a safe manner.

It encourages involvement from its employees, customers and suppliers in improving current work practices.

Bramshaw Power & Data shall comply with the laws and regulations of the Government, and the procedures of its customers.

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