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Bramshaw Data Cabling provides a total turnkey approach to the installation of high quality voice and data Category 5 & 6 and fibre optic cabling that will keep your network system running properly and eliminate unnecessary downtime. Our quality products and meticulous installation procedures will insure that your applications will operate for many years to come, virtually "future proofing" your investment.

Strength, Stability and Reliability

Bramshaw Power & Data is a division of the Palace Communications Group located in Melbourne, Australia. Bramshaw Power & Data and its employees have served Melbourne businesses for over 13 years. We are certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Accreditation and has held QA accreditation since 1995.

Bramshaw Power & Data Partnerships:

Bramshaw Power & Data is a certified installer company for MOLEX Premise Networks. We are authorised to install Molex Premise Networks Certified Structured Cabling Systems which are covered by a 20 YEAR Product, System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty.

We are also able to install Lucent Technologies Avaya SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solutions products with a 15 YEAR Extended Product Warranty and Application Assurance.

Experience and Training

Bramshaw Power & Data has over 12 years of experience in expert design assistance, project management, installation and testing. Our technicians have strong communication cabling backgrounds and are trained to install numerous communication products.

They are certified Category 5 and fibre optic technicians and have training in high-speed communications networks and PABX equipment. Bramshaw Power & Data has also received certification or training from Belden/Krone, Panduit, Clipsal, D-Link.

Bramshaw Power & Data also provides outside plant voice, data and power cabling to clients. All cable is installed with Australian standards and manufacturer standards.

We are constantly looking for methods to keep our technicians up-to-date with the latest technology and installation methods. Continual "in-house" seminars are conducted to train them on Category 5 and newer variations of installation and termination and the proper termination of fibre optic cable.

Negligible employee attrition means that employee training and experience provides increasingly better services for our clients.

Premium Products

Installation of high quality materials from the better manufacturers is the standard at Bramshaw Data Cabling. We use Molex products on all projects where the client does not specify a particular brand. We utilize our broad resource network to provide the best and most reliable products to meet your needs.

Support Network

Ongoing service is an important factor in maintaining total service to our clients. Bramshaw Power & Data provides a cabling service hot line 24 hours a day with rapid response to handle your emergencies. We make every effort to provide same-day response to distress calls.

In addition, we work closely with our suppliers to determine availability of product lines and maintain pricing levels. We also have contacts with a variety of sources to meet any of your additional needs.

Equipment Capabilities

Bramshaw Power & Data has state-of-the-art installation and testing equipment for copper installations, such as Wirescope and Pentascan. In addition, we have Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) as well as power meter testing equipment for fibre optic installations.

Project Management

Bramshaw Power & Data provides project management and ongoing supervision throughout the project, preventing potential bottlenecks and utilizing our vast resource network to get the job done right and on time. We can also provide assistance in determining project specifications.

Cable Testing and Warranty

Bramshaw technicians test all cable to ensure proper performance and bandwidth required for today's equipment and future growth. All Cat 5 and 6 and fibre optic lines are tested to meet 100 Mbps certification. Fibre optic lines are also tested for conformity within dB loss tolerance levels. Cable performance is then documented and provided to you for future reference.

All cable and workmanship is warranted for a minimum of one year after installation. MOLEX products are warranted for 15 years and certified Avaya SYSTIMAX products are warranted for 20 years.

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