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Bramshaw Power & Data provides a broad range of electrical contracting services to many Victorian based manufacturing facilities. Considerable expertise in a variety of industrial process applications and a knowledgeable team of expert electricians has facilitated partnering relationships with companies such Orica Australia, Telstra and Bristol Myers Squibb. Bramshaw prides itself on its responsiveness and ability to prevent bottlenecks in your manufacturing process.

Experience and Training

Bramshaw brings an extremely broad range of experience to your plant to meet your needs whenever they may occur. Our employees are trained to work as a team and are experienced electrical professionals. This expertise comes from system evaluation, design and installation of various types of electrical systems for local manufacturers, such as:
  • Generators, transformers, switchgear, transfer switches, synchronous panels
  • High voltage testing
  • Motors and drives
  • Remote Input/Output systems
  • Control systems and instrumentation
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Ethernet systems
  • Data Highway +
  • Fiber optic and copper cabling installation and testing
  • Emergency & Exit lighting

Project Management

Bramshaw provides project management and ongoing supervision throughout each project, preventing potential bottlenecks and utilizing our vast resource network to get the job done right and on-time. Our team understands not only how to anticipate and define problems... but how to solve them.

When you work with Bramshaw, you get the whole company. That means access to top-level management, with no layers in between. Our clients are serviced throughout evaluation, design, construction, and maintenance phases of each project by individuals who are experts within the electrical construction industry. These individuals provide Bramshaw (and our clients) with a highly motivated team of people dedicated to the delivery of services at the highest level of quality possible.

Support Network

Bramshaw provides a complete package of services for our industrial clients. We have built a strong support network to facilitate rapid response to specific client needs in the manufacturing sector. By drawing upon this support network when it is needed, we provide expert assistance in a cost-effective manner.

Equipment Capabilities

Bramshaw Power & Data has a broad range of equipment capabilities which enable us to address our clients' needs quickly and efficiently, eliminating project roadblocks.

Our fleet of service vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bramshaw can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, without delays due to emergencies which require special equipment.

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